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Oct 05

Importance of Designing a Homepage That Converts

One of the biggest challenges you face with your business website is getting visitors to get further than the homepage. It takes just a matter of seconds for them to decide whether or not they want to stay on your site. (more…)
Oct 05
Oct 03

3 Tips for Writing Web Copy That Converts

Content is your most powerful marketing weapon; but like any weapon, it needs to be mastered before you can use it effectively. If you’re looking to persuade your site visitors to do business with you, there are certain things you need to add to your copy to make it work.... read more →
Sep 29

5 Reasons Why Its Time To Revamp Your Website

When was the last time you revamped your website? Chances are, if it is more than a year old, it could now use a little update. There are all kinds of reasons why a change may be required. (more…)
Sep 29
Sep 26

Why Simplicity is KEY for your Company Website

When you’re trying to make your website stand out, it’s logical to think that a complex, visually pleasing design is what you should be aiming for. After all, what else grabs your attention more than a flashy, intricate animation? (more…)
Sep 21

Why Customer Reviews and Testimonials Boost Website Conversion

If you’re looking to really boost the effectiveness of your website, customer reviews and testimonials can go a long way to help. More and more businesses are starting to realize just how much of an impact customer opinion can have on sales and popularity. Below you’ll discover why reviews and... read more →